An ensemble of luminous virtuosity



Emoción is a vibrant and unique multi-national act, comprised of 5 world-class virtuoso musicians. They make a palpable connection with their audience through a cross-continental repertoire alive with passion, creating a truly emotional experience. Their set fuses sounds from around the world to create an intensely compelling Latin experience. An ensemble that truly celebrates the universal power of music to unite nations across continents, the group’s nationalities reflect the global fusion of their repertoire – a Lebanese singer, Peruvian violinist, Venezuelan cellist, Belgian pianist and German percussionist. All the band members studied at Europe’s most eminent conservatoires and played for the most prestigious European orchestras before meeting in the Qatar Philharmonic. Their energetic performances radiate the joy of making music. These five musicians create electrifying live shows with the palpable chemistry between them.


A night with Emoción is always entertaining, soulful yet invigorating, seething with passion and utterly unforgettable. Their repertoire is tailored to every audience, event and venue, it can include a mix of originals with much-loved contemporary and classical covers material. With a set that can incorporate a range of elements, from dance to video projection, creating a 3-dimensional, explosive musical experience beyond any regular gig, this act is provoking standing ovations from the Middle East across Europe to the UK. Having played at sold-out venues from Lincoln Center to Katara Opera House in Doha, through venues in Europe, to their show-stopping London debut in 2018, the band are now booking future appearances across the continents, culminating at New York's iconic Lincoln Center in summer 2019. With infectious passion and energy, these artists are enchanting audiences all around the world.

Hardly any other lineup reflects the political world situation as comprehensively as Emocion
— Süddeutsche Zeitung
Captivating... enthralling...ready for the big league!
— Gulf Times



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Emoción are now accepting bookings worldwide. Their repertoire can be tailored to suit your event, with performances ranging from 30 to 100 minutes duration.

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