Emoción is a vibrant and unique multi-national act, comprised of 5 world-class musicians. Originally inspired and united by a passion for the sounds and rhythms of Tango Nuevo, this ensemble truly celebrates the universal power of music.  The group’s nationalities reflect the global fusion of their repertoire – a Lebanese singer, Peruvian violinist, Venezuelan cellist, Belgian pianist and German percussionist. 

Having studied at Europe’s most eminent conservatoires, they played for prestigious European orchestras before meeting in the Qatar Philharmonic. The quintet wear their name well, as they invite you to experience a whirlwind of emotional states through a rich multilingual repertoire. 


Emoción is definitely not your typical fusion music ensemble. The quintet seem to have lived a few musical lives before embarking on a personal journey where they blend their classical influences, chanson, tango, jazz and Middle Eastern mystery and rhythms. From Qatar to New York, classical roots, jazz to traditional and contemporary Latin rhythms, Emocion’s repertoire mesmerizes audiences, keeping them longing for more. Think Piazzolla covers, original milongas, rhythmic oriental pieces , French chanson, theatrics and South American folklore. Their versatile performances blend live instruments, video art projections and sometimes, the odd poetry reading to bring that passion to a reflective state. 

Over the last few years, Emoción have successfully gathered loyal fans all over the Middle East and Europe, leading up to their US premiere in July 2019: 2 sold-out shows at Dizzy’s club - Jazz at Lincoln Center, New York. This US premiere promises more in store for the quintet who was met with a glowingly enthusiastic reaction from the discerning New York crowd. 

As 2019 draws to a close, Emoción has a lot in store for 2020 - the release of their second album where you will hear some of their original pieces as well as upcoming collaborations with renowned orchestras in Europe and Asia.